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Timelinx Software for Sage SalesLogix CRM

Timelinx-SoftwareTimeLinx Software is a project management system that can be seamlessly integrated to work with various Sage products. Perfectly synchronized with Sage SalesLogixSage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP. TimeLinx allows you to take your business into your own hands, and share data such as tasks, timelines and resources across the organization. Empower your staff to be involved every step of the way, from tracking to monitoring to managing and analyzing the progress of every project in the organization.


  • TimeLinx

    Whether you want to track hours and expenses at the task level, assign multiple tasks to multiple resources simultaneously, access project and task data via your mobile device, enter time via the web, conduct resource utilization analysis on the fly, determine resource availability over the web, track costs of delivery on fixed-price projects, or simply integrate your disparate project and service management systems into your SalesLogix CRM system, TimeLinx has the features you need.

    TimeLinx is available in 3 distinct Editions in order to fit different business requirements:

    Lighbulb Entry Level TimeLinx is ideal for the smaller business, with less functional needs and a smaller budget. This system comes at an entry- level price, but still includes very important features and functions needed by any business.
    Lighbulb TimeLinx Corporate adds some additional complex capabilities including integration to accounting systems for billing including complex billing levels and overtime rates, milestone billing and other features.
    Lighbulb TimeLinx Enterprise stretches the concept of Project Management to the next level with support for multiple project sites, additional integrations and more.


  • Enable your sales staff immediate feedback and visibility into the progress of their current project so they can improve their customer service and increase your profits. Understand the profitability of each customer, project and task by having access to real time information across the whole organization. TimeLinx encompasses all profitability and productivity activities including:
    • Cutting costs and simplify business processes by reducing data redundancy
    • Accurate tracking of invoices for all project expenses
    • Automate processes within a single system to ensure more efficiency
    • Produce accurate invoices and reports on a timely basis for optimal business decisions
    • Se and assign tasks to your workforce by milestones and phases
    Let TimeLinx improve your profitability and productivity by replacing up to eight different applications with one single project management tool that integrates to your accounting platform.

    Be able to boost your business’ competitiveness through timely, accurate reporting and improved staff knowledge. TimeLinx allows you to increase your responsiveness to customers and know exactly what they are looking for. TimeLinx includes all competitive activities including:
    • Assign the right tasks to the right people to optimize your resources and gain project control
    • Keep an overview of everything; Manage and track projects, resources, schedules, expenses, tasks, contracts and more with just one system
    • Keep customer service levels high by having the right information at your fingertips at all times
    • Quickly analyze profitability of projects, tasks, accounts consultants, time periods and more
    Allow TimeLinx to help you keep your competitive edge. Reduce redundant information, increase customer service and gain control of your business.

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