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Sage BusinessVision Accounting

sagebusinessvisionboxDesigned to take your business above and beyond, Sage BusinessVision Accounting offers superior business management and accounting systems for businesses ranging from start ups all the way to steadily growing companies. Sage BusinessVision is designed with one focus in mind, making day-to-day business easier, and is packed with innovative features, productivity-enhancing benefits, and a range of customization options to best suit the needs of your business.




  • Sage BusinessVision Accounting: Personal Business Management Solution

    For Sage BusinessVision support and training, please visit the Support/Training tab.

    Sage BusinessVision Accounting 2014 is the latest version of BV and is all about making things easier for users! Improvements to data management capabilities, quick access to information via search functionality, and improved reporting.

    Sage BusinessVision Accounting is your own personal business management solution, ideally designed to fill the gap between entry-level and complex high-end systems. With up to 18 features included in your system, you can target and manage different aspects of your business seamlessly. Tailored to your needs, Sage BusinessVision is affordable and scalable to improve your productivity and profitability.

    To best suit your business needs, Sage BusinessVision offers 4 different configurations:

    Lighbulb Limited Edition
    Lighbulb Business Edition
    Lighbulb Standard Edition
    Lighbulb Client Server Edition

    Each of the four editions includes a complete set of fully integrated features aimed to streamline your business, raise productivity, and increase revenue.

    To learn more about the configurations of Sage BusinessVision, download the brochure here: Sage BusinessVision Configuration Brochure.

  • Sage BusinessVision allows the extensive manipulation of existing financial data, trends, budgets and forecasts to give you a better sense of your business. This feature also allows you to project revenue and expenses to the end of the year, enabling a more informed and accurate decision making.
    Sales Analysis and Purchase Analysis

    The Sage BusinessVision Sales Analysis and Purchase Analysis modules keeps track of your critical sales and purchase data. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Viewing information by invoice number, time period, customer, vendor, part number, or even serial number
    • Specify your desired reporting criteria by adding on additional filters
    • Retain your sales and purchase history indefinitely for accurate record keeping
    • Customer invoices, statements, quotations as well as purchase orders can be emailed directly to clients at any time

    Financial Reporting

    Always keep updated with the Sage BusinessVision reporting suite, which allows for accurate, real time information about your business. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Reports allow you to perform projections based on your own criteria
    • Over 300 standard reports included with product
    • Further customize your reports and forms with the report designer
    This Sage BusinessVision Feature allows you to gain real-time access to your data and to manage your receivables, payables, and institutional accounts.

    Accounts Receivable

    Remain up to date with an accurate accounts receivable and a complete history of transactions for every customer. Be able to establish your own periods and produce graphs of customer account aging at any time.

    Accounts Payable

    The Accounts Payable feature saves you time and money by efficiently managing your company’s expenditures. It simplifies your record keeping by storing, sorting, and organizing vendor information and transactions and produces a wide of reports, assisting you in planning your cash flows.

    General Ledger

    The Sage BusinessVision General Ledger can produce up-to-date financial statements at any time and allows you to post transactions to either prior or succeeding years, simplifying year-end processing.
    Inventory Control

    Sage BusinessVision Inventory feature not only manages the basic functions of maintaining inventory, but also allows for storage of unlimited number of serial numbers and SKU’s. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Images that can be directly associated with inventory items for easy recognition
    • Automatic tracking of backordered items and stock commitment levels
    • Access to numerous reports to track the sales and usage of parts/components and services
    • Track serialized inventory from the time of receipt through to after-sale monitoring
    With Reorder, backorder, and margin calculations built right into this feature, Sage BusinessVision Inventory Control makes it easy for your business to succeed.

    Order Entry

    Sage BusinessVision Order Entry ensures accurate inventory balances, supports unlimited orders, as well as keeps track of the backordering of out-of-stock items. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Automatically calculating taxes, revenue, cost of goods, receivables, and more
    • Maintaining an accurate record of every system-generated invoice
    • Encouraging in-depth analysis of sales, margins, and profits
    Purchase Order

    Simplify your business by letting this feature automatically calculate freight and landed costs and sending it directly to Accounts Payable, as well as to the General Ledger, updating all related accounts.

    Accurately estimate and track project costs and simplifying the process of the nonphysical items involved in manufacturing a product.

    Job Cost

    Sage BusinessVision’s Job Cost feature allows for accurate reporting and decision making within the Job Cost module to give you a clear understanding of what stage a job is in and all related transactions.

    Bill of Material

    This feature allows for easy tracking of sales as well as setup of your BOM recipes.

    Easily manage your payroll with this Sage BusinessVision Payroll feature. Take control and customize the payroll process to fit your specific business, allowing you to define user-defined benefits and deductions, create departments, define different pay schedules, and more. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Easily pay employees (link to Sage HRMS) through cheques or direct deposit through an automated set up system
    • Keep track and appropriate of your source deductions
    • Avoid a last minute scramble and keep you tax tables and forms up to date automatically
    • Automate the generation and posting of necessary journal entries to save time and money
    • Accurately track your employees payroll details for record keeping
    • Take control by restricting users to specific areas within the program

    Customers are a company’s most important assets and determine whether your company floats or sinks. Maintain great customer service and let Sage BusinessVision point of sale feature help you achieve success. This feature encompasses all benefits including:
    • Quickly ring up sales through an intuitive touch-screen interface
    • Be able to service all your customers with full support for multiple tender types
    • Track the sales and performance of each and every sales personnel
    • Automate your inventory level through sales and returns
    • Define price breaks and promotional prices for items
    • View a customer’s purchasing history and generate valuable reports
    Stay one step ahead of your competition and let Sage BusinessVision Point of Sale feature provide you with the tools for a more efficient sales process that will keep lines moving and customer happy.
  • training-iconHave questions regarding Sage BusinessVision?

    Even if we are not your current support team, we can help! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

    Looking for training or support for Sage BusinessVision Accounting in Canada? 

    The Answer Company is an experienced Sage BusinessVision Accounting partner and we offer support and training for companies currently using Sage BusinessVision. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, a member of our support team is close by and available to help answer questions and get users ready to get the most out of your Sage BV software solution.

    Our team of experienced technicians are readily available and for on-going telephone, remote, and on-site support as the need arises. The Answer Company works closely with your business to find the solution you need. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Software Training & Coaching

    End-user training is a vital step in determining whether or not a business is taking full advantage of Sage BusinessVision. Software solutions, modules, and features that are either not used or used improperly can be a deterrent in attaining positive returns from investments. 

    Sage BusinessVision is only complete until all the staff is fully trained, comfortable, and getting all they can from the new software solution. At The Answer Company, we ensure that your employees and staff will be comfortable and prepared to get the most utility from Sage BusinessVision.
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