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Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC)

sageaccpacboxSage ERP 300, formerly Sage ERP Accpac, is an enterprise resource planning solution that connects core business operations like accounting, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing, while integrating sales, marketing, customer service and business analytics into a centralized information system. Sage ERP 300 automates workflow processes for the enterprise through on-premise or online deployment.




  • Sage ERP 300: The Powerful Tool That Delivers Only the Value Businesses Need

    Sage ERP 300 is designed specifically for small and midsized businesses. Built on a flexible and scalable architecture, this software suite delivers applications critical to today’s needs while leaving open the path for additional modules to be implemented in the future.

    This enterprise resource planning solution grants business wide visibility for management while facilitating daily tasks of all company employees, by:

    Lighbulb Integration and consolidation of all business operations
    Lighbulb Accurate, intelligent, and readily available decision-making information
    Lighbulb Global reach and local touch: support multiple entities, languages, currencies, while using a single software solution around the globe
    Lighbulb Set and meet quality and productivity goals
    Lighbulb Advanced security and proven reliability for undisrupted workflow
    Lighbulb Option of on premises or online deployment

  • Sage ERP 300 Online: Now Online via the Cloud

    Sage 300 ERP Online delivers accounting, sales, marketing, and other modules of Sage 300 ERP via the Cloud. This offering is available for a monthly subscription and has no costs related to IT infrastructure, granting stable access from anywhere at anytime.

    Sage 300 ERP Online delivers:

    LighbulbEasy to install and customize based on company’s needs
    Lighbulb Customizable user interface tailored for user role and preference
    Lighbulb Multi-site and remote access to real-time data
    Lighbulb Version upgrades included in subscription
    Lighbulb Easy to expand and add new users as company grows

  • Sage 300 ERP Accounting and Finance suite simplifies complex accounting and financial processes. It delivers transparency and insight into the financial condition of the company, equipping managers with the necessary information to make crucial decisions. Sage 300 ERP features many applications, including:

    • Accounts Payable/Receivable
    • Sage Budgeting and Planning
    • General Ledger
    • Multicurrency Manager
    • Sage Sales Tax
    • Intercompany transactions

    Sage 300 ERP is fitted with flexible tools designed to improve financial reporting and ensure compliance, so that businesses can streamline cash flow and maximize profitability of financial assets.

    Sage 300 ERP Business Intelligence and Reporting Suite deliver strategic insight via customized reports with data collected from all company processes. With highly customizable and intuitive interface features, this user-friendly application suite delivers accurate and timely information, along with other benefits, including:

    • Creation of customized reports that address all business requirements
    • Simplified data access by automating report distribution to specific personnel
    • Customizable dashboards that help transform data into strategic decision making intelligence
    • Extensive multi-currency and multi-company capabilities
    • Create and customize presentation-quality reports with Crystal Reports
    • Set up real time alerts and workflow monitoring

    Sage 300 ERP Purchasing Management suite maximizes purchasing power and automates purchasing processes into a centralized information system that connects multiple locations. It helps businesses reduce costs by consolidating inventory and distribution processes while improving cycle times, as well as delivering:

    • Cost efficiencies through fully integrated EDI solution (TrueCommerce EDI)
    • Vendor tracking to ensure best price, terms and delivery
    • Prevent loss of sales or shipment delays caused by inventory under stocking
    • Avoid costs of inventory overstocking
    • Up-to-the-minute data and unlimited transaction histories for better planning and budgeting

    Sage 300 ERP Purchasing Management suite fully integrates with other applications like Sage CRM, and Sage 300 ERP’s Manufacturing, and Warehouse and Inventory management modules.

    Sage 300 ERP Sales Management applications simplifies the selling process by managing customer contracts and pricing, tracking inventory levels, and delivering easy access to purchase histories, all in real-time. In addition, plan and budget with sales analysis features that provides easy-to-use and instant sales data, as well as:

    • Capabilities for up-selling, cross selling, and instant entry of orders into system
    • Multiple of single shipment and invoice capabilities
    • Cataloguing and tracking of customer contracts for consistent pricing
    • Intelligent reporting with Excel exporting functionality
    • Convenient processing and automation of payment methods including credit cards

    Sage 300 ERP Inventory and Warehouse Management suite is a multi-location inventory tracking and warehouse management solution tailored to track inbound and outbound transactions while reducing carrying costs. Take full control of inventory activities with functionality to manage inventory receipts, shipments, levels, returns, and adjustments, in addition to:

    • Customizable options for tracking inventory as it moves through the enterprise
    • Track costs and sales histories by warehouse
    • Quickly locate customer’s request, and enable flexible picking methods
    • Increase productivity and cut costs by aligning warehouse processes to distribution strategy
    • Handle fractional quantities and maintain different units of measure for purchasing, selling, and stock-keeping

    Sage 300 ERP Inventory and Warehouse Management suite is designed to be fully customizable and integrated to all other modules of the ERP solution, including Sales, Manufacturing, and CRM.

    Sage 300 ERP features Sage CRM, a Customer Relationship Management application that provides visibility into all customer data, organizes tasks, manages marketing campaigns, and structures sales strategy for the sales force. Build customer loyalty and achieve better ROI with functionality for customer profiling, tracking, and targeting, while benefiting from:

    • Interactive and role-based dashboards with advanced customization capabilities
    • Marketing campaign management and analysis including lead qualification and management
    • Customer self-service portal, workflow automation, and case tracking and management
    • Account, contact, and opportunity management for sales professionals
    • Mobile solutions and offline synchronization

    Sage 300 ERP features Sage HRMS, a human resources management and payroll that allows businesses to automate all payroll processes, moving them in-house for higher control and lower costs. With functions for pall pay frequencies and earnings, multiple locations and currencies, taxes and reporting, Sage 300 ERP is equipped for both Canadian and US guidelines.

    • Single source of information for all records regarding to employees, both past and present
    • Tracking of unlimited benefit plans, including functions to define eligibility criteria and automatically calculate benefits costs with comprehensive benefits administration
    • Management of all types of absences, including paid time off, leaves of absence, and FMLA leave
    • Government compliance for regulations and reporting requirements for both Canada and US
    • Integration with related solutions such as payroll processing, web-based employee self-service, web-based benefits enrolment, organizational charting, training management, web-based paperless forms, data monitoring, and web-based recruiting

    Sage 300 ERP Human Resources Management helps businesses improve alignment between business objectives and personnel and is ideal for businesses investing in employee development and productivity.

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