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mining-icon-1No industry is as unique as the mining industry. Rough terrain, tough equipment, and strict regulation keeps those in the industry working hard to overcome rising challenges, without cost incurring delays.  Mining companies need a business management solution that delivers comprehensive functionality to meet these challenges. In today’s volatile market, the best solutions are cost-effective and flexible.

Working from a fitted solutions approach for nearly 20 years, The Answer Company partners with mining companies to implement, support, and deliver training to small, mid-market, and enterprise mining operations.

Our enterprise software solutions can be adapted for each configuration of the lifecycle of a mine. This includes exploration, development, production, run of mine, recording of reserves, all while incorporation both financial and operational functionality essential to properly mange mining operations.

ERP and the Mining Industry

Our software allows companies in the mining industry to:

Lighbulb Analyze and manage costs at the shaft, process, sub-process, and equipment levels;
Lighbulb Better manage and service capital equipment, since increasing efficient use of equipment lowers costs;
Lighbulb Capture production and exploration data with configurable time periods and units of measure, to produce cost-per-ounce and cost-per-meter reporting;
Lighbulb Manage all of your financial and accounting requirements;
Lighbulb Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce;
Lighbulb Financing and managing capital projects;
Lighbulb Improve performance and cost efficiency while managing risk

Explore a few of our top products for the Mining Resource Management Industry, such as Sage ERP X3, Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpacc), or Sage PFW, or contact us for a complimentary business analysis to see which solution best fits your specific needs.

Mine Shaft Analysis, Accountancy, Production and Exploration Data Capture Software

Mining-specific functionality that helps today’s mining company control costs and streamline processes, all while capturing valuable intelligence from daily operations data. Sage ERP solutions enable companies in the mining sector to:

Lighbulb Analyze and manage costs at the shaft, process, sub-process, and equipment levels
Lighbulb Manage each level on each shaft separately, for increased profitability
Lighbulb Better manage and service capital equipment
Lighbulb Capture production and exploration data with configurable time periods and units of measure (cost per ounce and cost p/m reporting)
Lighbulb Manage all financial and accounting requirements
Lighbulb Non-financial accounting modules for tracking distance, tonnage, ore, etc.

Mining Cycle: from Mine to Market

Companies in the mining industry need a solution that addresses the complex needs of the mining cycle, like mine planning strategy, planning for bringing commodities to market, and distribution logistics. The Answer Company delivers enterprise software with the following capabilities:

Lighbulb Supply chain management: purchasing, distribution, sales, CRM, imports/exports
Lighbulb Lot control, tracking and specific traceability
Lighbulb Commodity management: inventory control, quality control, sales logistics
Lighbulb Operations and risk management

Financial, Procurement and Production Data Management Software for the Mining Industry

The Answer Company’s enterprise software solutions bridge the gap between financial and production information in the mining industry. With a configurable set of workflow and business intelligence tools that provide valuable information anytime, anywhere.

Lighbulb Dimensional general ledger storing of up to 99 years of history online
Lighbulb Transactional analyses to provide costing at multiple levels
Lighbulb Workflow management of procurement and internal resources that are dynamically linked to cost centers, allowing you to easily analyze and authorize expense codes with complete control
Lighbulb Integrated fixed asset management with IFRS and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
Lighbulb Enterprise Asset Management and Plant Maintenance to meet the capital intensive needs of the mining industry
Lighbulb Dashboard with comprehensive business intelligence combining financial and production data


Global Alliance

To best support companies in the mining industry, The Answer Company has forged partnerships and alliances with Sage partners from all over the world, including Sage South Africa. Our goal is to deliver local support to both head offices and mining operation locations all over the globe while safeguarding compliance through multi-language and multi-legislation systems. This ensures that systems operate seamlessly and receive high quality support no matter where operations are located. 


In the News

Finance Monthly - The Answer CompanyThe Answer Company was recently featured in an article by Finance Monthly, an international publication which provides news, insight, comment and analysis on funds, corporate tax, mergers & acquisitions and private equity. To read the entire interview where The Answer Company's president, Shawn Ostheimer and Ontario Regional Manager, Jonathan Ross, discuss some of the business management solutions available for mining companies, click here.



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Sage ERP X3 helps companies in the mining industry face fluctuating demand and cyclical pricing, by setting up and streamlining business processes and uncovering cost cutting opportunities. With this end-to-end business management software, organizations can attain and maintain operations at peak performance levels.

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Additional information available on our Mining-Technology.com profile!

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